•Follow the recommendations of the Foster Care Task Force in bringing the Department of Children & Families into a functional state entity.

•Elevate domestic violence convictions to DUI penalty schedule.

•Kansas needs to invest in infrastructure. At least 2,000 bridges are structurally deficient* and investing into fixing this problem would bring not only safer transportation but revenue into Kansas.^


•Support the position of an Independent Auditor to monitor and review state agencies and department heads

•My Office will have an open door policy for not only my constituents but also those who work within the Capitol if they feel they need to report inappropriate behavior.


Reduce the food tax in a move toward total elimination. While Kansas has one of the highest grocery tax rates in the United States, our surrounding states have lower or no food tax at all.

* Last accessed June 19, 2018.


^ Last accessed June 19, 2018.