Sarah Coats Response to Phyllis Gilmore Retirement

AUBURN, KS —  Auburn social worker and House District 54 candidate Sarah Coats has issued a response to Phyllis Gilmore’s announcement of retirement from the Kansas Department of Children and Families effective December 1, 2017


“Gilmore’s retirement is a major victory for the children of Kansas and a positive step toward ensuring that Kansas gets on the right track in providing essential services to the most vulnerable of Kansans,” said Coats.


In December 2016, Sarah Coats exposed the Department of Children & Families hotline reporting backlog for abuse to the Topeka Capital-Journal. (“Internal Email: Staffing problem caused child abuse report backlog” 12/2/16.) Since whistleblowing DCF, Coats has gone on to become a candidate for the Kansas legislature for House district 54 and was selected to serve on the Foster Care and Family Preservation Committee of the Child Care Services Task Force, which was created during the spring 2016 session of he Kansas legislature. 


“I’m proud of the role I’ve had so far in whistleblowing the backlog of hotline reports at DCF, advocating for workers and our rights, and working on behalf of children and their families. ” Coats explained. “It is my sincere hope that the next Secretary of DCF will work with the Child Welfare System Task Force, the legislature, contractors, social workers, and families to bring transparency, accountability, and honor to the Department.”